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About DS Triple

Our Mission

Deliver innovative, high quality UHT plants that provide real competitive edge to the food, beverage, dairy and other associated industries. Our Triple Edge solutions are focussed on:

  • Improved plant performance at every level
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Optimized plant engineering to reduce costs and increase reliability.

DS Triple aseptic process solutions are designed to meet and exceed the requirements of a UHT plant in all parameters including:

  • Food safety
  • Plant availability
  • Minimized product and water losses
  • Optimized use of energy
  • Efficient and effective CIP to reduce cycle times and chemical usage
  • Extended run times
  • Optimized plant layout for highly efficient operation and maintenance
  • General optimization for rapid return on investment and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)

Alongside absolute food safety and hygienic design, our focus is to deliver plants that produce high quality products and push the boundaries of efficiency and flexibility to new levels.

Ultimately, a DS Triple system is designed to give the strongest possible competitive edge for our customers.

Karsten H. Olesen, Managing Director, DS Triple A/S

Meet Our Team

Karsten H. Olesen
Karsten H. OlesenManaging Director
Tel: +45 91 23 08 10
Mail: kho@dstriple.dk
Gorm B. Kjaerulff
Gorm B. KjaerulffSales Director
Tel: +45 91 23 08 11
Mail: gbk@dstriple.dk
Claus Riis
Claus RiisSenior Process Engineer
Tel: +45 91 23 08 12
Mail: clr@dstriple.dk
Henrik H. Kjaerbye
Henrik H. KjaerbyeR&D Director
Tel: +45 40 16 76 60
Mail: hhk@dstriple.dk
Rune B. Jensen
Rune B. JensenTechnical Director
Tel: +45 91 23 08 13
Mail: rbj@dstriple.dk
Jørgen E. Madsen
Jørgen E. MadsenMechanical Supervisor
Tel: +45 61 99 54 93
Mail: jem@dstriple.dk
Hans Thomsen
Hans ThomsenSenior Process Engineer
Tel: +45 28 71 98 59
Mail: hat@dstriple.dk
Rodrigo S. Reyes
Rodrigo S. ReyesLead Design Engineer
Tel: +45 27 89 16 18
Mail: rsr@dstriple.dk
Mads Tveden-Aakjær
Mads Tveden-AakjærDesign Engineer
Tel: +45 28 71 83 99
Mail: mta@dstriple.dk
Jens Thusing
Jens ThusingMechnical Engineer / Project Manager
Tel: +45 28 71 29 49
Mail: jth@dstriple.dk
Britta Søgaard
Britta SøgaardLogistics / Finance
Tel: +45 28 71 29 19
Mail: bsc@dstriple.dk
Thien Dang
Thien DangMechanical Supervisor
Tel: +45 41 28 41 46
Mail: ntd@dstriple.dk
Mathias D. Toft
Mathias D. ToftMechnical Engineer / Project Manager
Tel: +45 40 71 91 91
Mail: mdt@dstriple.dk

Career Opportunities

DS Triple is a dynamic, exciting place to work. We hire exceptional people, and every one of them is empowered to think independently, take initiative and be innovative.

We invite you to join the team.

If you don’t find an interesting career opportunity that matches your profile, you are always welcome to send an application or contact us. Send it to job@dstriple.dk.

Collaboration Companies

Partner with, and Nordic Distributor for:

On August 25th, 2017 DS Triple and German manufacturer of Homogenizers and High-Pressure Pumps, company HST, a Krones Group company, signed a distribution agreement covering the Nordic region (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden).

The agreement is a logic consequence of the close collaboration DS Triple and HST established since the launch of DS Triple in September 2016.

HST Maschinenbau GmbH is a company with decades of experience in the manufacturing and construction of homogenizers and high-pressure reciprocating pumps.

Based on experience with APV homogenizers, the HL homogenizer series was developed to the highest degree of quality and reliability to meet a variety of requirements. HST keeps a large stock of spare parts available for HST, APV, Alfa Laval, Niro Soavi and Tetra Pak homogenizers.

Their competent, highly experienced technicians are at your disposal worldwide.

Partner with:

SiccaDania’s vision is to become an industrial leader in its field by establishing a reputation that leads to becoming a preferred customer choice as plant supplier to industry. Although SiccaDania’s core technologies lie within evaporation and drying , the company is able to supply equipment for liquid processing, powder handling, bagging-off systems, automation etc. through collaboration with other companies that are specialists in these fields. Complete process lines can therefore be delivered as SiccaDania possesses the required expertise to project manage and integrate larger turnkey projects involving starch and dairy products.

Preferred Supplier of Control Systems:

Au2mate develops and supplies automation solutions for the process industry in Denmark and abroad. These solutions are prepared through teamwork and close partnerships with their customers, and they cover the entire range from complete automation projects to consultancy services and advice.

Through many years of working in the process industry their employees are experienced within the following areas: Dairy, Brewery, Meat, Pharma, Fishery, Food, Chemical and many others.

Do you want to know more?

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DS Triple A/S
F. L. Smidths Vej 9
8600 Silkeborg

Tel: +45 87 22 11 11
Mail: sales@dstriple.dk