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TTC Steam Injector

DS Triple is proud to present the TTC steam injector (Twin-Tangential Centripetal) which is particularly suitable for products with particulates, slurries etc. that would normally not be possible to produce reliably in an in-line injection setup. The system is robust and handles particulates in the stream of up to 10x10x10mm [...]


DS Triple / Krones Collaboration

DS Triple / Krones Collaboration We are proud to announce our technological collaboration with Krones AG. Krones have chosen DS Triple as their partner for infusion technology, where DS Triple supplies its novel infusion system technology to Krones installations. This is described in more details in the new Q3 issue [...]


Vi søger en maskiningeniør

EDIT: Stillingsopslaget er ikke aktivt længere. (In Danish) Er du vores nye kollega? Vi er inde i en meget positiv udvikling, så derfor søger vi nu efter en maskiningeniør, som bl.a. har erfaring med konstruktion af procesanlæg. Se joboplaget på jobindex her: (LINK) Hvis du er interesseret, så skynd dig [...]


Vi søger en maskiningeniør med stor erfaring i Autodesk Inventor

EDIT: Stillingsopslaget er ikke aktivt længere. (In Danish) DS Triple A/S er i rivende udvikling, og vi har travlt. Til vores kontor og fremstilling i Silkeborg søger vi en dygtig og engageret maskiningeniør til konstruktion og udvikling af komponenter og procesanlæg. Du vil blive involveret i forskellige projekter mange steder [...]


DS Triple Venturi Steam Injector w/ Actuator

DS Triple released the new generation of their steam injection nozzle for liquid food products on August 2017. It has been the focus of immense interest, both due to its reliable function, being able to handle product very gently as well as the revolutionary ability to ensure cleaning of the [...]


New DS Triple UHT Pilot Plant

DS Triple has the pleasure of announcing the launch of a brand-new UHT pilot plant design. The basic capabilities comprise direct and indirect heating using injection/infusion and Tubular Heat Exchanger (THE) / Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) respectively. It features de-aeration, variable holding times as well as variable speed in combination [...]


New DS Triple Pulsation Damper

The improved version of the Aseptic Damper utilizing the diaphragm principle is based on a deep understanding of the physical conditions around a homogenizer and, not the least, a desire to make the aseptic system more robust.   Damper Function In this paper, the most frequently used homogenizer type with [...]


New DS Triple Venturi Steam Injector

DS Triple has released the new version of our steam injector which is the result of customer feedback as well as a detailed innovative thinking process. The basic principles are unchanged and based on the Bernoulli principle applied to a Venturi. In parallel to other important changes the Venturi has [...]


Introduction to the Key Team Members of DS Triple

DS Triple is owned and made up of employees with vast experiences within the industry, particularly thermal treatment and knowledge of the industry requirements inside out. The dedication, the curiosity and the ability to execute are the foundation and driving force for the team to deliver new and unequalled [...]


A Triple Edge Solution to Meet Your UHT Processing Needs

DS Triple A/S based in Silkeborg is already renowned for innovative and high-quality Dairy Equipment development and manufacturing. DS Triple is owned and made up of employees with vast experience within the industry, particularly thermal treatment, and knows the industry requirements inside out. The knowledge, the dedication, the curiosity and [...]

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