DS Triple Venturi Steam Injector w/ Actuator

DS Triple released the new generation of their steam injection nozzle for liquid food products on August 2017.

It has been the focus of immense interest, both due to its reliable function, being able to handle product very gently as well as the revolutionary ability to ensure cleaning of the entire unit.

This is based on a design that ensures a smooth and effective transfer of heat into the product, while avoiding excessive exposure by eliminating dead zones.

The new release comprises of yet another extension of the design and technology, as the injection nozzle can be supplied with a built-in actuator that allows the gap in the valve to be adjusted during the operation of the plant.

This provides the following major benefits:

  • The gap can be adjusted to allow precisely the right velocity of the product in accordance with its characteristics.
  • In case of variable speed plants, where for instance low and high viscous products are run at different capacities, the velocity in the nozzle can be adjusted automatically to an ideal configuration to fit the product vs plant capacity, thereby avoiding compromises.
  • In case of products with fibrous contents, the gap can be opened to avoid clogging of the valve.
  • During CIP, the gap can be opened to allow for higher flowrates at lower pressure drop, this to ensure that clogged particulates are easily removed.

DS Triple proudly introduces the new development, yet another proof of the ‘DS Triple way of thinking’, always with the objective of improving the ‘Value of Ownership’ for our customers.

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