Introduction to the Key Team Members of DS Triple

DS Triple is owned and made up of employees with vast experiences within the industry, particularly thermal treatment and knowledge of the industry requirements inside out.

The dedication, the curiosity and the ability to execute are the foundation and driving force for the team to deliver new and unequalled solutions to problems that have long existed.

The objective of DS Triple is to deliver solutions that surpasses status quo with regards to reliability, operating economy and product quality.

The costumer is the focal point of the organization and every design and innovation is aimed at improving the overall cost of ownership.


The DS Triple key team members are:

Gorm Kjaerulff, Sales Director

Gorm has been dedicated sales lead and technology manager of UHT systems at APV / SPX Silkeborg for 28 years.

Involved in sales of +100 UHT systems, Gorm is your guarantee that you are served to perfection.

Absolute customer satisfaction is a very important focus point and motivation factor for Gorm.

Henrik Kjaerbye, R&D Director

Henrik’s knowledge within the world of UHT processing is remarkable!

In his early career in APV he was part of a wealth of innovations and during his tenure, KDD (KW) emerged as a leader within UHT manufacturing in the Middle East.

Henrik is your guarantor for total and absolute perfect plant design ensuring the highest aseptic performance.

Rune B. Jensen, Technical Director

Rune was the guarantor for on-time delivery of +60 UHT plants during his time as workshop manager at SPX Silkeborg.

Management and coaching skills are Rune’s strengths ensuring an efficient workflow at the factory.

Rune deploys a highly energic approach to business and life in general.

Karsten H. Olesen, Managing Director

During his time in APV / SPX Silkeborg, Karsten was responsible for on-time delivery of +45 UHT plants.

Karsten will ensure effective project execution from start to end.

Controlling and management skills earns Karsten enormously high respect in the industry.

Claus Riis, Senior Process Engineer

Claus has been commissioning dairy process equipment in all parts of the world for the past 27 years.

He is your guarantor that a new UHT plant will perform to perfection before he leaves site!

While present, Claus can assist in optimizing other dairy process equipment at site. Claus’ knowledge and hands-on skills within dairy processing is remarkable.

Jørgen Madsen, Senior Engineer

Jørgen’s experiences building UHT system is simply unmatched!

During his 41 years at APV / SPX Silkeborg, he has been involved in basically all UHT systems ever built.

Jørgen’s ability to “think out of the box” is unique and sought-after. He is a stainless-steel artist / magician!

Key customer reference

Our highly experienced team has been involved in supply of direct and indirect UHT plants to clients globally. Key customers include among others: Nestle (CH), Danone (FR), Arla (DK), Almarai (SA), NADEC (SA), SDC (KR), Alpro (BE), Saputo (CA), Valio (FI), Tine (NO), Meiji (JP), Rich (US), Inex (BE), Namyang (KR) etc.

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