New DS Triple UHT Pilot Plant

DS Triple has the pleasure of announcing the launch of a brand-new UHT pilot plant design.

The basic capabilities comprise direct and indirect heating using injection/infusion and Tubular Heat Exchanger (THE) / Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) respectively.

It features de-aeration, variable holding times as well as variable speed in combination with either sanitary or aseptic homogenization.

The new design is based on a very service-friendly platform with segregated and easily accessible process and medium sections.

The plant is designed to minimize heat loss yet with ultra-easy access through closely fitted hinged guards for changing the connections for the different processing modes.

The Tubular Heat Exchanger modules are made in standard 3-meter lengths, similar to commercial plants. This allows for yet more precise results to facilitate a predictable upscaling.

The plant is operated by a user-friendly dual monitor interface with real-time datalogging to allow for analysis and immediate action, when running trials.

The plant comes equipped with all the necessary hardware and software to enable SATIC and PPP, the 2 prime enablers developed by DS Triple for the discerning customers who want to be in control of the quality of the product as well as their operational cost.

Read more in our brochure (download pdf).

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