New DS Triple Venturi Steam Injector

DS Triple has released the new version of our steam injector which is the result of customer feedback as well as a detailed innovative thinking process.

The basic principles are unchanged and based on the Bernoulli principle applied to a Venturi.

In parallel to other important changes the Venturi has been made fully CIP cleanable as an industry first.

This is a solution to an issue that has been prevalent for many years, for which DS Triple now has found a solution:

The New DS Triple Venturi Steam Injector is designed to be CIP cleaned on both sides, ensuring that burn-ons in the steam supply side will not result in contaminated product going to the market.

Another frequent source of particles is in the design of the outlet of the nozzle where cavitation is causing pressure low-points that is the source of cavitation.

The cavitation causes burn-on and in addition it causes a poorly defined start of the holding time.

To ensure the effective flow in the Injector, the outlet is angled carefully to stop this phenomenon and to eliminate the recirculation in the low-pressure zone which ensures a positive displacement.

With the cavitation zone far better defined and with minimal recirculation in the newly designed outlet, better and more consistent product quality is possible.

DS Triple has a full line up of designs to allow for full and reliable scalability all the way from pilot scale of 100 l/hour up to 35,000 l/hour.

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