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Processing and Competences

The need for the commercial sterility of food, beverage and dairy products is increasingly common. To gain real competitive edge, however, the ultra-high temperature (UHT) system needs to not only be efficient and flexible but also preserve desired product characteristics for maximum consumer appeal. The DS Triple Baseline UHT solutions are focused on offering advanced process results with rapid return on investment.

DS Triple offerings include:

  • UHT plants for direct (Infusion and Injection) and indirect (Plate and Tubular) heat treatment of dairy products and beverages
  • Pasteurizers for dairy products and beverages
  • Aseptic units for food production
  • Engineering services for UHT optimization and equipment upgrade

Sterlization using direct steam infusion minimizes heat degradation, resulting in premium final product characteristics. Ideal for applications covering a wide range of viscosities, DS Triple Infusion UHT plants are uniquely designed to get more from the steam infusion process. See more

DS Triple has developed a new steam injection nozzle which is the result of customer feedback as well as a detailed innovative thinking process. A real scale test has proven great performances, both regarding temperature regulation stability and noise level during operation. See more

DS Triple Tubular UHT plants offer one of the most energy efficient UHT solutions available with innovative plant design that extends run times, reduces product losses and lowers energy consumption. See more

DS Triple offers unique and flexible pilot UHT systems for manufacturers (dairy, juice and specialty products), research institutes, universities as well as ingredient suppliers to the food and dairy industry. See more

Installing a sterile tank between the UHT line and filler increases production flexibility by adding a buffer zone so that production can continue regardless of the status of the filling process. Equally, filling can continue during CIP of UHT process line. See more

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