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Expanding the limits of steam infusion UHT

Sterlization using direct steam infusion minimizes heat degradation, resulting in premium final product characteristics.

Ideal for applications covering a wide range of viscosities, DS Triple Infusion UHT plants are uniquely designed to get more from the steam infusion process. Cleverly engineered, these plants achieve optimal heat transfer by adapting the shape of the infusion vessel to consider the force of gravity.

The plant further incorporates an intelligent insulation and cooling concept on the infusion vessel that minimizes product foaming and the risk of fouling. This reduces the frequency of CIP cycles and increases plant run times.

Nozzle designs allow for processing of products that contain fibers and particles to ensure optimum performance is maintained.

Ideal for:

  • Superior quality Drinking Milk products, including flavored milk drinks
  • Cream & dessert products
  • Milk concentrates and similar products with high fouling tendency
  • Juice products

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