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DS Triple Tubular UHT Plants

Using indirect heating, tubular UHT technology offers a lower initial investment than some direct heating solutions with the acceptance that there will inevitably be some heat induced product degradation.

DS Triple Tubular UHT plants offer one of the most energy efficient UHT solutions available with innovative plant design that extends run times, reduces product losses and lowers energy consumption.

  • Highly efficient heat transfer for reduced processing times and cost
  • Offering savings of up to 50% in heat surface area, Product to Product heat exchangers will be utilized whenever possible
  • Increase overall plant efficiency with longer run times through the elimination of full CIP cycles and avoiding breaks in plant sterility
  • Maintain long run times without increasing risk of blockages in inner tubes using high product velocities and minimum temperature differential to avoid fouling
  • More viscous products are handled efficiently by enhancing heat transfer efficiency compared with that of a plate heat exchanger
  • Reduce product losses through optimal design, dimensioning and construction with minimized mix zones

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